Mr. Rath's music is very exciting for performers and audiences alike.Percussive Notes


Eric Rath is an active educator, clinician, adjudicator, arranger and composer. Mr. Rath has served as a band and orchestra director as well as a percussion specialist at the Middle and High School levels. Previously, Mr. Rath also served as the adjunct Percussion Instructor at Amarillo College.


As a composer, Mr. Rath has a growing list of original works and arrangements published through Alfred Music, FJH Music, Tapspace Publications, The Percussion Studio and TRN Music. His music has been described as "very exciting for performers and audiences alike." Mr. Rath’s music has been performed nationally as well as abroad at the Midwest Clinic, the Texas Music Educator’s Association Convention and the International Double Reed Society’s Convention.



Mr. Rath and Ralph Hicks are the co-authors of the percussion ensemble collection, "Beyond Basic Percussion," the snare drum and keyboard fundamentals books, "Five Minute Drill" and “Nine Minute Drill” and a multi-use solo and ensemble transcription book “The Golden Age of Ragtime.” All are published by Tapspace Publications.


Mr. Rath is a member of the Amarillo Symphony Orchestra and also regularly performs with the Amarillo Opera. He is an in-demand freelance percussionist and serves on the worship team at his church. Additionally, he is also an alumni member of the Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corps.


Mr. Rath is a proud graduate of West Texas A&M University, where he received both his Bachelor of Music Education and his Master of Arts Degree.


Mr. Rath resides in Canyon, Texas, with his wife Kayla, and their children Regan, Grant, McKinley, Jackson and Harrison. His professional affiliations include the Percussive Arts Society, Texas Music Educators Association, Texas Bandmasters Association and the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). He is a Yamaha Performing Artist and also an educational artist for Innovative Percussion, Inc.


l love this question: Why Music? For that matter, why is there art at all? Why are there athletic events? Why is there poetry? Why is anything aesthetic? You can say that these are common diversions that help us to balance against the worries of our day, but if we’re being honest, it goes deeper than that.


Our world and our existence was created by a God who loves us and wants us to commune with Him. We know that part. That’s a Sunday School lesson we’ve heard before. But we are missing an often-forgotten component: we worship a God who is incredibly creative! 


Who among us could have created a sunset? Which of us could have birthed the idea of a starry sky? Who was smart enough to create a harmonic series that exists naturally and governs the principles of music? That’s right: none of us.


For me then, that means that I sometimes feel closest to the presence of God when I write. He has not only given me the gift of appreciating art and creation, but also has given me the gift of being able to create. This is why I write: to give God the Glory for the marvelous things He has done, what He has created and how He has uniquely made me. 


The following quote from the film, Chariots of Fire -- a film about two Olympic distance runners, one Jewish, one Christian -- may best sum it up: “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run, I feel His pleasure.“

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