Information and Rates for Commissioning a New Concert Work

The following rates are for Concert Band and for String Orchestra:
Grade 0.5          $500      (length: 1' 30" or less)
Grade 1             $1,000   (length: 1' 30" to 2' 30") 
Grade 2             $2,000   (length: 2' to 4')
Grade 3             $2,500   (length: 3' to 6' or longer)
Grade 4             $3,000   (length: 5' or longer)
Grade 5             $4,000+ (contact me for details)
For chamber pieces, like clarinet or woodwind choir and percussion ensemble, the price is based on this scale, but is generally lower. Contact me for more information. 
I'm open to writing for other types of ensembles or writing for soloists, etc. Contact me if you have something in mind. 
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